Thank you so much for writing this, Sarah! Very well done! I imagine that many readers find this article insightful and informative. This sentiment highlights the fact that for months many of the health and political leaders in this country failed to provide this information to the public in a way that was clear and understandable.

This is not new information for many in the medical field who have been aware of these concepts since March or earlier. In fact, the reason I joined Medium in the first place was to get the word out on how coronaviruses work. Although you describe things more eloquently than I do, your story is eerily similar to a piece I wrote six weeks ago:

One facet that I would have liked to see you cover in more detail is the idea that antibodies do not tell the full story of immunity. T-cell immunity generally lasts longer than antibodies and explains your statement, "Even if out immunity does not prevent us from getting them again, it may still prevent severe disease." For more on t-cells, take a look at this story from a colleague here:

Again, thank you for providing honest insight on the pandemic. I look forward to reading more from you!

Husband, Father, Health and science writer, Interpreter of medical jargon, Hospitalist physician, Board certified in internal medicine and pediatrics

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